Do you have to be an artist to learn airbrushing?
This is a very good question and we thank you for the opportunity to answer it. It is best answered in two parts to fully explain.

Firstly, the airbrush is an art tool. It no more does the work for you than a pencil, brush or piece of charcoal does in the same way a piano, guitar or saxophone do not play themselves. In saying this, you do not have to 'be' an artist to learn and enjoy the benefits of knowing the fundamentals, principles and control of an airbrush. It is a wonderful 'everyman' tool that some assume (wrongly) that if learned, has to be taken to the heights of professional use. Thousands of people enjoy our teaching programmes as a hobby, an escape, a way to relieve stress after a long day or on the weekend. Some do gifts for friends and family and others run part time business', but anyone can learn to airbrush.

Secondly, and we admit this is more of an academic, maybe even existential part of the answer. But the fact is anyone can be an artist. And we do not mean that *vague* notion that anyone can do something and call it "art". But in the context that it is now widely accepted that the brain is plastic in ins construction (not actual plastic) but in the sense that it is not *Fixed* or set. It is a muscle like any other that can be exercised, developed and yes, even changed. So if you want to learn to airbrush and want to do art, then the answer is YOU CAN!

The short version with no explanation is "No, you don't have to be an artist, anyone can learn airbrushing". That is the truth, but its not just some PR statement, it is a fact! :)

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How much is shipping?
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Will the DVD play on my DVD player?
The DVDs are region free or region “0”.  The format of the DVDs are NTSC. Since our launch in 2008 and over 7,900 discs sold, we have not had one single disc returned due to not playing due to format reasons.

Do you have a guarantee on what I will learn from the DVD?
We are very confident that the DVDs on are the most comprehensive learn to airbrush DVDs on the market.  We can not, however, guarantee what your individual results will be.  They will depend on how much time and practice you put in to learning and to some degree your innate artistic ability.  Some people will do better than others. However what we absolutely believe that we have provided the BEST airbrush course with the most ACCESSIBLE and EASY to FOLLOW fundamentals of airbrushing in a fun step by step format.  My advice to you is take it slow, make sure you practice each exercise in the DVDs thoroughly and I am confident that you will improve your airbrushing ability in leaps and bounds.

Feel free to read our extensive feedback and testimonials from all over the world from seasoned Professionals and hobbyist both >>>HERE<<<

If the DVD does not contain the information that the website says it contains then we will be happy to refund your purchase price in full.

How long will it take to receive my DVD.

Please see our store shipping policy 

What changes have been made in the revised edition of the Power Series Level 1 DVD set?

Firstly, its been converted to NTSC, but apart from that there some extra overlays, graphics and just a few editing clean ups. It wasn't a massive amount but definitely worth a mention. Just continuing to strive for the best airbrush instruction available.  If you have already purchased the Level 1 set then it is not enough to justify another purchase by any means, but if you haven't it's definitely worth it.

I would like to attend Daniel Power’s classes in person but I am unable to travel that far.  Will I be able to learn from a DVD?
We understand that not all people are able to travel to attend Daniel classes in person.  This is one of the reasons that we have created these DVDs, we would like the airbrushing community to have access to top quality teaching anywhere in the world.  The Power Series Level 1 & 2 DVD set are basically Daniel’s level 1, 4 day workshops in video format.  We have had reports from some customers saying that they actually found it easier learning on DVD because they can learn at their own pace and go back over sections that they found difficult, PLUS all the notes and project files are included in the project series.  I have included below some unsolicited feedback we have received from customers that you might find useful.


Well, I just recieved the DVD set. and all i have to say is 100% grade A !! i have been painting on and off for around 15 years. I have purchased other dvds through out that time, and none of them come close to what you have put together! hands down the best airbrush dvd in the world! i highly recomend this dvd to any one that has an interest in airbrush from beginer to pro! very easy to follow and an awesome teacher! this should be the first airbrush dvd anyone gets period! great job from a true master! cant waite for the next set to come!
Sean, USA


I bought your level 1 Power Series and I am absolutely over the moon with it. Packed full of information. I did an airbrush 1 day course but I forgot most of what I was taught. Being able to watch a DVD and go back over parts is the way to go. I found your tips on Colour Capping very informative and I'm currently working on a portrait of Marilyn Monroe. I'm only working slowly on it and never expect to get to your standards but it's just a hobby that has improved thanks to your DVD set. ... Great stuff and if anyone needs any prompt to buy this set then take it from me, it's money well spent.
Paul Fretwell, United Kingdom