“Daniel Power guides you through the fundamentals of airbrushing from A - Z. From beginning to end, each disc is jam packed with information, tips and tricks for aspiring airbrush artists to learn the ways of the airbrush. In the Power Series Daniel walks you step by step from dots to dagger strokes, from color theory to painting actual portrait projects. As a seasoned professional I found the level one series extremely informative as well as entertaining and I would insist that if you want to learn how to airbrush that you make the Power series DVD's a part of your collection! After watching these DVDs I want more! I can’t wait to get part two!  Thank you Daniel for this awesome collection of airbrush DVDs! Forget the force, get the Power!”
Mike Lavallee,   KillerPaint Airbrush Studio.     www.killerpaint.com

“The Daniel Power Level 1 DVD set is by far the best instructional video for beginner and intermediate airbrushers ever made. It covers the basics, but far more than just that. Most videos out  there (and I have seen many) cover only one subject.  This videos range of knowledge will keep you busy for a long time practising the art. I personally learned much from it and Daniel is wonderful comfortable speaker to listen to. What he teaches just plain makes sense. I know his next series will even be better and that seems impossible after watching the first one.”
Dennis Mathewson, Cosmic Airbrush and Cosmic Tiki.     www.cosmicairbrush.com
"Dude, I watched your DVDs earlier in the week and I must say, friggin' awesome and I recommend it to anyone wanting a great "under the hood," look at this thing we all do. Whether you're a seasoned painter or a complete Noob, I recommend getting the Power Series DVDs. You can see that a lot of thought and time went into them and the results are there. Daniel, thanks for teaching an old dawg new tricks, man."
Eddie Davis,   Big Airbrush.

"The Power series: Level 1 is much more than your traditional Airbrush DVD. Aside from being an amazing airbrush Instructional DVD, it’s packed with the information you would be learning in expensive art school. Color theory, composition, tonal control and Mixing paint properly are all part of this series. As a self taught painter for more then twenty years I developed some bad habits which became clear after watching this series. It takes the pain out of portrait work as well as airbrushing one. If you going to have any instructional DVD in you collection this is a must have. I can’t tell you how much knowledge and confidence you will get from the Power Series. I can’t wait to work with the Level two series.”
Scott MacKay a.k.a GraFx Thin Air GraFx airbrush & design studio  www.thinairgrafx.com  

“I watched Daniels Level 1 DVD set and it is fantastic. After 30 years of airbrushing this old dog was taught some new tricks. I did better portraits on a job I was doing after watching this DVD set than I would’ve done had I not watched it. This is the best set to learn to airbrush properly and I highly recommend this to anyone who airbrushes!”

Below areTestimonials from students WORLDWIDE!


 "I own numerous DVD's from guys like Craig Fraser, Mike Lavallee, Steve Vandemon and Mike Learn. All of which are good dvds. I brought the Power Series Vol. 1 a while back and I would say It's easily the BEST DVD I have ever spent my money on. I got more from this one dvd than I did from all the others combined. It has improved my skills and boosted my confidence with the airbrush immensely. Highly recommend to anyone looking to buy an airbrush DVD, buy this DVD set before you buy any other. Can't wait to get Vol. 2."
Gary Yuill. Tauranga, New Zealand

“Well, I just recieved the DVD set. and all i have to say is 100% grade A!! I have been painting on and off for around 15 years. I have purchased other DVDs through out that time, and none of them come close to what you have put together! Hands down the best airbrush DVD in the world! I highly recomend this DVD to any one that has an interest in airbrush from beginer to pro! Very easy to follow and an awesome teacher! This should be the first airbrush DVD anyone gets: period! Great job from a true master! I can't waite for the next set to come! Thank you again.”
Sean Eugene. USA

“I've just had a marathon session watching your dvd....about 4 times in a row....and I gotta say you've truly inspired me to pick up an airbrush again and try again (after many disheartening failures)
Thanks for the DVD set, I've watched them all, from Fraser, Crosseyed, Goodeve and the works, and this has to be the easiest to watch, most informative, and most importantly for me, the most inspiring DVD set to give airbrushing another go.”
 Jarrod Leonard, Launceston, Tasmania

We have seen quite a few DVD's on airbrushing before we saw yours and none of them helped, so we searched and searched and found yours and OMG your whole set was everything an airbrushing DVD should be and more. Thank you so much for sharing your gift with all of us. It is so easy to see that you didn't do these DVD's to say "hey look at me I am so good". You are a true teacher and artist, again thank you. We will be buying your 2nd set that's for sure.
‘Airbrushnut' from Kustom Kulture Lounge Forum

“I purchased your level 1 Power Series instruction DVDs. I have to say they have been excellent. I did think long and hard before buying because I have bought others before and whilst they show some tricks and effects, Nothing actually teaches you what you need to know. You really hit the nail on the head when you say that people do work which sometimes works and other times doesnt but they dont know why the good stuff is good and the bad is bad. That described my work spot on. fundamentally i am doing quite complex stuff without understanding the basics.
So thank you Daniel for a well thought out and explained tutorial set."
Terry. U.K

I bought this DVD two months ago and followed the 11 fundamental exercises as the first DVD required. Then did the practical exercises (on the second DVD. My work is easily 60 to 80% better than it was before I started. In the UK the DVD cost me for 49 quid ,
but I don' mind telling you I would have paid double that!
positivekani. UK 

 “The DVDs from airbrushdvds.com are ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT, New to the game, buy the same. You wont regret it 11 out of 10”

"When i started to watch the DVDs I knew I had made a great purchase! Informative and fun; he goes through not only the how, but the ever important why and stresses the importance of mastery of the fundamentals. Professional advice presented professionally; it simply doesn't get any better then this! Thanks Dan for sharing and inspiring!!! This set should be owned by everyone!
Jake Lawless, California. U.S.A


Got your DVD Level one. I am so excited and amazed at the amount of information that it contains.
They’ve been the best DVD’s on airbrush that I've seen and would recommend to anyone who is contemplating on taking up airbrushing.

Julio, Phila, Pa. U.S.A

“Thank you so much producing this level one of the power series DVD set! I felt my confidence level sky rocket after watching these DVD's. It was easy and FUN to watch. Daniel speaks to you as if you are there in the studio with him. He explains everything he is doing each step of the way (there is no way you can get lost). I highly recommend this set for the beginner and the experienced.
Before you buy anything else to add to your airbrush arsenal buy this essential tool.
Thank you again Daniel and the folks at airbrushdvds.com”
Adam Schanely, Pennsylvania. U.S.A.


"I just bought and received your Power Series level 1 Video ...MAGNIFICENT !!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! After all my YEARS of struggling I finally found someone I can understand ! This is the best thing that has happened to me in an awfully long time, I'm in shock that someone of your caliber would willingly and openly share your expertise for the measly price of the DVD. I'm being honest when I say I would have happily paid 10 times the amount. Cheers and thank you again!!"
"Daniel I have just recently bought and received your level 1 DVD Course and have to say I'm over the moon with it (ITS FANTASTIC).
I have been trying so so hard to be good at my airbrushing (but not really getting anywhere) until I received your DVD, Thank you so so much !! . I'm sure you can understand my frustration being a long way away from anywhere or anyone even remotely connected with the beautiful art of Airbrushing, Your DVD has inspired me and I'm so thankful i made the decision to purchase it and for some one who lives away from the action ( so to speak) it has bought me new found hope for my future airbrushing , its like having the best teacher right here in my lounge room !! My biggest hope though is that you will be making a DVD of level 2 & 3 in the future ?
Im sure it was a monumental effort to make the DVD and I cant tell you haw much i appreciate your efforts!!!
I now consider myself a dedicated student of yours."
Greg. Western Australia

"I recently purchased Daniels DVD and have been working through the exercises and the first two projects. (With a great deal of success I might add, by beginner standards at least!!!) Anyway I would like to say thanks, I have watched the DVD from start to finish and as I said I am now working through it step by step, the content is extremely good and brilliantly presented.
Once again many thanks for the DVD what I have learned is priceless."
Phil. U.K

"Got my set last night (friday) and perfect timing, got up early this morning and watched the first disc. It seems like it starts out basic but the info is so important. I'm going to watch it again and again. It answers all the questions I've been thinking about for years. Can't wait to get back and watch the rest.

Dave Kephart. Oregon, USA.

"I have now had some time to watch Dans DVD's and think he did a great job, I know he busted his a$ doing these and they are very informative, Dan doesn't cut any corners or hold back on information unlike many years ago when learning a craft like this from such a great artist wouldn't happen as it would be treated as "top secret" almost. Dan's DVDs cover a huge range of exercises, techniques, tricks, demos, heaps of information, three intense DVDs plus a CD with all info ready for printing out and images for the courses plus colour analogies and much, much more.

These are definitely the best value instructional DVDs on airbrushing i have seen (and I've seen a heap)

Like Dan's artwork, these DVDs also reflect his attention to detail and total professionalism ."

Rod Tickle. Sunshine Coast, Queensland. Australia

"In short words, yes, it's a great DVD, I'm waiting for the next level, and it's really an unbeatable value. Its "indispensable"!
Peter M. Szabo, Hungary

"Ok I received my DVDs today and watched the first one. Now here is a guy that rocks. He goes in to details of how things should be done that are only covered very briefly in others. I'm very impressed. If you're going to spend your money I suggest you spend it on these. Great work Daniel and I look forward to the next series you put out. I've watched the DVDs again and like I said before I got a lot of information out of these that I haven't found in any other DVD that I have purchased before"
Randy Shuya, Salmon Arm BC. Canada.


"I was pretty impressed. You won't find this stuff in any other video out there. Dan is spot on with all of the fundamentals for anyone looking to build a strong, strong ability to work the airbrush. The part about the colors and capping brought me back to making gradient scales in college. What a wonderful thing to incorporate into this DVD. Great fundamentals! So for anyone (newbie's or oldies) I would say this video is worth every penny...... it's good to watch others and their techniques so as to always keep learning another way.
Another thing when you watch the DVD...Watch as Dan goes through the paintings. As he is painting (especially) the dagger strokes look at the reference lines he has drawn and watch how he nails EVERY line in complete control. From years of experience I can tell you Dan has practiced what he preaches. Buy the DVD"
Troy Koskiniemi. Washington State, U.S.A

"LOVED IT!!! Well worth the money!
Obviously (as others have said) 
the technique was awesome.... but it was also entertaining.

I loved the wax-on wax-off references and Dan's easy going demeanour -
Not one single hint of cocky-ness or arrogance - it felt like being taught skills from a friend.
Great work!"
Shani Steinhubl, Saskatchewan, Canada

"Well, I got mine yesterday and I have to admit, a lot of people will look at the first DVD and think "this is all beginner stuff, I'm not doing that, let me see the real work" but believe me, it's beginner stuff like I have NEVER seen before. Trust me, I am only halfway through the second DVD and I'm impressed. Well worth the money. I can't wait to get all the way through it so I can start over again. Daniel, thank you so very much for putting together a VERY comprehensive set for EVERY airbrush artist. You rock."
Michael R. McCauley, Krazy Sprays Airbrush Shop, U.S.A

"By the time I reached the Exercise 12 I had to stop to do some other stuff; but man I saw a jump in my control....
Just the 1st 4 exercises alone are worth the price!"

Kirkjay. Singapora

"I watched them this week and was very happy with the purchase. As others have mentioned there are the basics and fundamentals that we've seen, but with differences; however Daniel takes the time to tell you the why and how they are so important.
This really filled in some holes for me at least and will definitely boost both my skills and confidence. While I'm doing ok for a relative beginner, I just know that doing these exercises properly will be of great benefit to my airbrush control and help me get to the next level.
The approach Daniel takes is more of a 'get the fundamentals right and how to apply them' rather than teaching you some neat tricks that look cool but don't really give you the foundations and skills to produce great art consistently and fast, something a one hour video couldn't possibly do.
The chapters on paint mixing and colour theory were a great help also. To have someone explain it to you in plain English with pictures and samples, I think at least, makes a big difference in your comprehension of the material presented.
Not only is there the DVD's, there's also the course material on the CD which is well presented and concise. After watching the DVD you can take the references and course notes out to the shed/studio and get airbrushing using them when required to remember the important points you need to do the exercises properly.

I can't wait for the next series although I do have some (ie, quite a lot of) practice to do in the mean time to get up to speed and hone my skills.
Thank you very much for your efforts Daniel, it's a great course, kudos to you and keep up the good work!"
Mick Duprez, NSW, Australia.

Fantastic content Daniel, you've definitely got the gift for teaching (not to mention your artistic airbrush talent!). I hope it won't be too long before you release Level 2 - I'm eagerly waiting (yes, I've got the Bug!!!)
 Darren McAliece. Sydney, Australia.

Freakin' Amazing... just recieved the set, the dvd blew me away, easy to follow, instructor didnt gab his time away, he said what he needed to, and got the job done.... can't wait for the next set.....When is it coming OUT ??
Shadow, USA

 "Cuando yo empeze a pintar con el aerografo no habia tanta informacion como la hay ahora, basicamente tuve que aprender yo solo y desarrollar mi tecnica.  Al ver los videos de Daniel los encontre sumamente fundamentales para cualquier persona que tenga un aerografo, desde los ejercicios basicos, detalles tecnicos y muchos otros aspectos que evitaran años de errores y problemas que tuve que aprender por mi cuenta! Este video es sin duda alguna el mejor video instruccional que he visto hasta ahora, cubre todos los aspectos basicos para ayudarles a desarrollar su tecnica de aerografia! se los recomiendo ampliamente!"

[ENGLISH TRANSLATION- "When I started to paint with the airbrush there wasn't as much information as there is now, basically I had to learn by myself and develop my technique. When I saw Daniel's videos I found them extremely fundamental for anyone who has an airbrush, from the exercises basics, technical details and many other aspects that will avoid years of mistakes and problems that I had to learn on my own! This video is without a doubt the best instructional video I have seen so far, it covers all the basics to help you develop your technique of airbrushing! I highly recommend them!"]
Jose San Juan, Washington State, U.S.A