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Airbrushing with Candies



From fine art to automotive, this set is full of techniques for you! This is one of the hottest topics in airbrushing; the use of Candy Colorz in artwork and how to properly apply them is some of the most valued and highly sought after information around; and now it’s available to you!

The artworks featured in this set are the subject of regular enquiry and questions via e-mail, facebook and forums regarding method and technique, and it was only upon examination that the common thread between them is the effective integration of Candy Colorz in all of them!

Airbrushing with Candies is an indispensable practice and technique in today’s airbrushing world and now you can save years of mistakes and frustration with this DVD which comprehensively demonstrates how to utilise these fantastic products in their numerous, effective and exciting applications!

Disc 1

Getting Started: Introduction including Candy definitions, behaviours, principles and more.

Multi Demo Panel - FX with Candies: This first disc covers a large range of tricks, techniques, effects and principles including a saturation demo, rust and rivets, candy flags with plazma pearl, Candy on Candy artworks and important principles to be aware of when painting murals under candy!

BONUS: Anatomy of an Airbrushed flame: A 10 minute companion guide to complement the painting of realistic flames.

Disc 2

Effects on Mid-Tone Bases:Learn to to avoid dirty halos and unwanted overspray with popular effects.

Monotone Portrait: This Exercise will show you how to incorporate candies in with other special finish paints to give you bright, clean portraits with Candies.

Saturation and Levels: Daniel takes you through a quick but highly effective technique of using Candies to Adjust Levels, Color Balance and Saturation with a creative element built in.

Disc 3

Multi Layered Murals: As Daniel demonstrates this popular principle you will learn the tricks and techniques of how these monotone murals are achieved. You will learn the secrets of how to give clear depth and dramatic brightness to these pieces.

Lighting With Candies: Starting with muted monotones, a fully lit mural will be demonstrated by adding and layering candies in the later stages of the piece to dramatically ‘light and color’ the subject.


I just wanted to let you know a couple things, as I had mentioned them in other reviews on Dan’s DVDs (Series 1 and 2). Value! For $99 you are getting amazing value for your money, you are getting over 8 hours of airbrushing instruction in a well thought out and put together “course”. You would have to buy anywhere from 5-7 videos from another video producers for $40 -50 a piece to get a simple comparable time of airbrush instruction, and be without the organization of a well thought out series.

I should also add that the series also teaches about the relationship between transparent and opaque layering, so essentially, even if you don’t even use candies, you will still learn a vast amount of information about painting.

For those of you who do not know me, I write many reviews to help artists make informed decisions about products before purchase, as all too often all we hear is the fanfare and get reviews that are not really any better than tear sheets. Those of you who have read some of my other reviews will also know that I have given some poor reviews to things as well. Essentially my goal is to provide you with the best information I can to make an informed decision.

I will say again Dan’s DVDs are great, and if it means anything, I sell or eBay the vast majority of items after a review; however, I have kept all of Dan’s DVDs Series 1 &2 and the latest being Airbrushing with Candies in my reference library, as I feel that they are that valuable for all levels of artists, even guys who have been painting for years.

Hopefully this helps someone.

Cheers, JD. Pain Inc. Designs, Canada

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Instructor: Daniel Power
DVD Teaching Format: Classroom Format 
Language: English
Region: Region Free
Number of Discs:  3 (3 DVDs) 

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Airbrushing with Candies


Airbrushing with Candies