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Power Series Level 1 DVD set


Save years of frustration and mistakes by learning right from the start with this fun, easy to follow course!


The POWER SERIES: LEVEL 1 DVD set is now the best selling DVD set worldwide!! This highly
successful set is taken from Daniels popular 4 Day classes.  It teaches you clearly, concisely and comprehensively, highly valued and much sought after airbrush information, techniques and cool airbrushing tricks that would take years to learn on your own or from forums and YouTube.
A comprehensive DVD set that has well explained, easy to follow, and fun lessons that are in depth as well as easy to follow training for confident and successful airbrush artwork.


Is Level 1 a beginners DVD set?
Absolutely! The title of ‘Level 1’ however, is a conscious label by Daniel as opposed to ‘Beginners’ DVD but you can feel secure in the fact that if you are a beginner that this is unquestionably the DVD set for you, but it is so much more as well.
As where a ‘beginner’ DVD may show you a few simple tricks or effects, this DVD teaches you what you need to know to have a good foundation. Some of which falls into a more intermediate level and some of which falls into general art principles which are important regardless of speciality. So just as you must have the foundation down to build a house, you have to have solid foundations for building airbrush skill. So a good foundation may not be a ‘beginners’ exercise just because it is done first.


- You learn the foundation exercises that almost ALL airbrushing is built on! -
'Daniel Powers' fundamentals is a series of exercises, that when practised, give the control to airbrush practically anything. A series of exercises to create muscle memory and give you subconscious control.

- Bonus exercises! -
Daniel has extended and elaborated on some of his fundamental exercises, now giving you even more control and options in your airbrushing. Due to not being limited by class times, this is EXCLUSIVE to the DVD!

- Learn double action airbrush co-ordination and control -
Gain the confidence to control and paint with the airbrush the way you‘ve always wanted.

- The use and laws of transparent paint -
Learn the basics of laying down transparents, the benefits, principals and speed of doing so.

- The use and laws of opaque paint -
Learn the laws of mixing and laying down opaques. You will learn about 'Colour Capping' and the great benefits and accuracy of doing so.

- Transparent v’s Opaque -
Learn the Pro's and Cons of both Opaque and Transparent paint.

- You will learn the use and benefits of freehand stencils & templates -
Bring a new edge to your artworks with a look  that blends soft edges with sharp for for the style and results you’ve always wanted. Avoid that "cut out" look as well as sharpening up your artwork where it needs it. Using exercises and a practical exercise, these will become second nature to use.

- Get an introduction to color theory -
Concentrating mainly on value and tone, we teach you about dominant hues, chroma scales and color values, as well and making simple work of all these hoity-toity fancy terms.

- Learn the Principles of Painting -
Daniel runs through his principles of painting with tips and fundamental rules

- All notes and exercises project files INCLUDED! -
You receive all the notes from Daniels acclaimed course, as well as all the project references in multiple formats on an easy to access CD-Rom.

-Drawing up, transferring images and Projector 101 -
Daniel runs through tips and guides for drawing up with projectors and other methods. Some great tips and important rules are covered here.

- A final project, DEMONSTRATED IN FULL -
Daniel completes the final project in full. Commentary by Daniel explains exactly what he is doing as he does it, showing how you now have EVERY skill required for this piece as covered in this DVD set and shows how, with practice, can be completed with consciousness, confidence and competence.

Instructor: Daniel Power
DVD Teaching Format: Classroom Format 
Language: English
Region: Region Free
Number of Discs:  4 (3 DVDs, 1 CD)  
We recommend:
This Set uses the Power CORE4 paint set. 

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Power Series Level 1 DVD set


Power Series Level 1 DVD set Power Series Level 1 DVD set