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Power Series Level 2 DVD set

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This DVD set is the highly anticipated and BEST SELLING follow-up to the successful Power Series: Level 1 DVD set. Again, taken from Daniels easy to follow, fun and popular 4 Day classes, the Level 2 set will continue to teach clearly, concisely and comprehensively, highly valued and much sought after airbrush information techniques and even some cool airbrushing tricks.

A comprehensive DVD set that continues the in depth, easy to follow training from the Level 1 set for competent and successful airbrush artwork. 
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Including: Advanced Control Exercises - Full Color Theory - Colour Mixing and Matching - expansion on the principals of painting -  Study of shape, form and detail - 3 Hair texture panels that cover 9 principals including using Opaques - Semi- opaques and Transparent glazes - the use of secondary implements - a full Color Portrait and more! 

Exercises, Elaborations and  ACC, MTB & RCC
* Advanced Control Exercises:
Advanced Control Exercises b
uilding on the fundamentals of Level 1, 2 new advanced exercises
* Principle of Painting: Elaborations
Extensive and practical elaborations of 2 of the major Principles Of Painting (covered in the Power Series Level 1)
* Advanced Color Capping (A.C.C), Mid Tone Basing (MTB) and Reverse Color Capping (R.C.C)
Demonstration Examples
3 great demonstrations of fantastic and helpful techniques
* ACC, MTB and RCC Practical Application
A full length Practical Application of all three of these principles, covered in easy to follow real time instruction, with both direct to camera and voice over commentary for the best of both worlds.

Color Theory, Practical and Intro to Matching
* Colour Theory
The ever so important fundamentals of color theory
* Munsell Color System
The 3 axis approach as developed by Albert Munsell
* Practical Application of Color
Covers the differences between the theory and practical
* Introduction to Color Matching
Explains the ever important skill of matching color! 

Sequencing Exercises / Hair Studies
This disc covers staging and sequencing studies. With varied layers of opaques, translucent and transparent paint while also incorporating up to 3 secondary implements. These principles are universal, though here are demonstrated with the primary added benefit of hair rendering principles.

* Hair and Sequencing Study 1
Using color matched opaques only
* Hair and Sequencing Study 2
Color matched opaques, Semi-opaques and a
secondary implement
* Hair and Sequencing Study 3
Color matched opaques, transparent glazes and
two secondary implements

Final Project
Filmed in real time with a combination of real time instruction and then additional voice
overs to add poignant and vital information, this final project is a great culmination of all the elements from the Level 2 course!

Just as in Level 1, this set comes with a CD of notes, reference files and more.
Instructor: Daniel Power
DVD Teaching Format: Classroom Format 
Language: English
Region: Region Free
Number of Discs:  5 (4 DVDs, 1 CD) 

We recommend:
This set uses the Power TRU8 set
REVIEW on Power Series Level 2
"Before I start I’d first like to say if you are thinking that you are going straight in to Level 2 and skipping level 1; my opinion is – don’t! You learn so much in level 1, a lot of which is referred to but not repeated in level 2. So you really need to see level 1 first . 

The first disc gives you advanced practice exercises and also starts you looking at expansion of some of the key Principles of Painting including the differences between the short strokes verses long strokes in the styles of painting and how to get realistic looking paintings rather than the cartoon look that you get from using the longer strokes and outlining your art 
The DVDs also get you looking at the shape and form of objects and manipulating two-dimensional shapes into three-dimensional form and the balance of form and detail to make convincing believable art 

The advanced Series 2 is a step up from the Level 1 DVD set and although some of what is covered in series one is elaborated on and developed to help you achieve a more advanced level in you work and shows how to get the advanced level of depth, detail and tone that Daniel gets in his work. It also includes a huge amount of new content. 

The Second disc is all about color theory which is covered extensively. It covers from the ground up including advanced concepts and color schemes. All aided by graphic overlays and visuals which make it very easy to follow and understand and the understanding of color is imperative to doing good art. The color theory what was touched on in series one is just the tip of the iceberg and this is covered far more in depth in this set and very well explained again on a level which even I can understand . 

Without giving too much away, the third disc gets into layering and sequencing using the different types of paint (opaque, translucent and transparent and a combination of the all 3) to create some stunning variants with hair as the main case study 

Watching the final colour portrait is just fascinating and to know that watching the series and with the practice and explanations that Daniel Power puts forward in this and series one I have no doubt that these DVDs will have you painting like a pro in no time at all as long as you put in the time to practice what Daniel is teaching you. 

This set again (as series 1 does) has a CD included on which it has all the printable material that you will need for every part of the course and is very well thought out and provided for. 


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Power Series Level 2 DVD set


Power Series Level 2 DVD set Power Series Level 2 DVD set